Did You Know? The first Dairy Queen was located in IllinoisDairy Queen is offering free vanilla ice cream cones today, March 15, in celebration of its anniversary.

The first Dairy Queen opened in June 1940 in downtown Joliet at 501 North Chicago Street. While the structure no longer houses a Dairy Queen, the building made headlines in 2010 when it received landmark status for being home to the first official Dairy Queen.

Illinois also played a role in developing Dairy Queen’s trademark soft-serve ice cream. John Fremont and Bradley McCullough, Kankakee natives, developed the formula in 1938 and franchised it until the first location opened in 1940.

Dairy Queen has expanded to include more than 6,000 stores worldwide, many of them located in the United States.

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AgWeekDYKToday is the second day of National Ag Week, with tomorrow being National Ag Day. Throughout the country, many events will be taking place to honor the hard work that farmers across the country put in to feed the country and the world.

Illinois is a national leader in agriculture. With nearly 75,000 farms across the state, agriculture covers about 27 million acres in Illinois. The state produces multiple different products including corn, soybeans, winter wheat and livestock.

Illinois not only feeds the country, but also the world. It is third nationally in exporting agricultural commodities. On an annual basis, the state ships over $8 billion worth of goods to other countries. The state accounts for six percent of all U.S. agricultural exports.

Illinois also is a top manufacturer of agricultural products. It ranks number one nationally with nearly $200 billion in processed food sales. The whole state comes together in creating a top-of-the-line agricultural production from the fields to the factories.

For more information:

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Illinois Agriculture: https://www.agr.state.il.us/facts-about-illinois-agriculture/

mariatallchiefMaria Tallchief, born in Oklahoma in 1925, became one of the country's leading ballerinas prior to founding and serving as the art director of the Chicago City Ballet.

Tallchief danced across the world with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Throughout her career, she broke many records by becoming the New York City Ballet's first prima ballerina and the first American to dance with the Paris Opera Ballet in 1947.

She served as a muse for George Balanchine, one of the greatest ballet choreographers, and pioneered the balletic Americana style of dance with her role in “Rodeo”. She popularized the art form with dazzling, technically precise performances of “Firebird”, “The Nutcracker” and “Orpheus”.

By 1974, Tallchief created the Chicago City Ballet and taught rising stars the works of Balanchine until 1987.

Learn more about Maria Tallchief’s contributions to dance in the 2005 documentary Ballet Russes.

Did You Know? March is Women's History MonthHonoring the achievements and essential roles played by women in American society was the impetus behind the first official celebration of women’s history in 1982. Originally lasting just a week, the National Women’s History Project lobbied Congress to make the event month-long, succeeding in 1987 when the first “Women’s History Month” was celebrated.

International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, similarly highlights the achievements and accomplishments of women across the globe. This year’s theme is “Pledge for Parity,” celebrating women's contributions to social, economic, cultural and political achievements but highlighting the work that still needs to be done to achieve full gender parity.

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Michael PenaMichael Peña was born in Chicago on January 13, 1976. His parents are both originally from Mexico. He attended Hubbard High School in West Lawn. After high school, he got his first acting role after auditioning at an open casting call for To Sir, with Love II.

Peña has appeared in four movies that were nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award: Million Dollar Baby, Crash, Babel and American Hustle. Two of the four won the award.

He was once quoted saying, “I'm just an actor. If it's drama, I add as much humor as the part will stand. And if it's a comedy, add as much drama as you can, so it balances out; you don't wanna be too serious.”