Hospitals In States That Won't Expand Medicaid Left With More Unpaid Bills

A new report released last week confirmed that hospitals in states like Illinois, which expanded their Medicaid programs last year using new federal funding, are reaping the benefits.

In 2013, Illinois lawmakers opted to expand Medicaid, offering new access to routine, coordinated health care to as many as 342,000 uninsured, low-income residents. As proponents predicted, uncompensated emergency room visits and hospital admissions have decreased substantially in states that took the federal dollars to expand medical assistance. Elsewhere, uncompensated services have remained relatively higher.

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Do you want to support Illinois businesses? For one day, do you think you could only buy products made or grown in Illinois?

Shop Illinois Saturday, Oct. 4, is your chance to support entrepreneurs, engage with your community and boost the state’s economy.

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Chicago area #1 for move-ins: moving company

Another positive economic sign for Illinois has been revealed this week: more people moved to Chicago than any other U.S. city at the highest rate since 2006, according to a study by United Van Lines moving company. Each fall, United releases a list of areas its clients are moving to and from. The Chicago area was the #1 area for move-ins, followed by Washington, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix and New York.

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Illinois sees major construction job gainsAccording to the Associated General Contractors of America, Illinois is second in the nation in construction job gains.

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skyscraperWith 115 skyscrapers, ranging from the 1924-built Chicago Temple Building to the recently topped out Loews North Park Drive building, Chicago is a world leader in the number and style of its skyscrapers.

The history of skyscrapers in Chicago goes back to 1885 with the construction of the iconic Home Insurance Building, widely recognized as the world’s first skyscraper.

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