Kozy’s Cyclery: Illinois’ 2014 Retailer of the Year

Any Economics 101 student knows business is driven by supply and demand. It’s not often a company succeeds in creating demand for its products – and changing the way people live in the process. Kozy’s Cyclery has done just that, and this year its owners have received the Illinois Retail Merchants Association’s “Retailer of the Year” award.

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Zip Line

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Illinois leads in soybean production

Rows of green soybeans are a common sight in the fertile farm fields of Illinois. The typically three-foot high crop breaks up the sometimes monotonous rows of corn fields that Illinois is most famous for.

While Illinois produces significantly more corn per year, the state ranks first in the country in annual soybean production.

Even if you’re surrounded by soybean fields, you may not be aware of how often you come in contact with Illinois-grown soybeans.

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Hospitals In States That Won't Expand Medicaid Left With More Unpaid Bills

A new report released last week confirmed that hospitals in states like Illinois, which expanded their Medicaid programs last year using new federal funding, are reaping the benefits.

In 2013, Illinois lawmakers opted to expand Medicaid, offering new access to routine, coordinated health care to as many as 342,000 uninsured, low-income residents. As proponents predicted, uncompensated emergency room visits and hospital admissions have decreased substantially in states that took the federal dollars to expand medical assistance. Elsewhere, uncompensated services have remained relatively higher.

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