il-roadsCreating new road signs in Illinois means making sure to reuse old ones as part of an ongoing sustainability program.

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s Highway Sign Shop in Springfield recycles 45,000 to 50,000 highway signs each year, conserving about 427,500 pounds of aluminum annually. The process has saved the state about $600,000 a year since 2001.

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Illinois economic outlook continues upward trend

State tax revenues and personal income continued to grow in April, according to the latest data available in an ongoing University of Illinois study.

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Illinois has toughest teen driving laws, ranked third safest in the nation for teen drivers

Parents: Maybe don't worry so much.

A new study by research firm WalletHub ranked the safety of teen drivers by state in 2014. Illinois ranked third behind Hawaii and New York, and tied with New York for the most comprehensive licensing laws for teens just getting behind the wheel.

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As Indiana spends millions of taxpayers’ dollars in a public relations scramble to salvage its reputation in the wake of ill-fated policies promoting intolerance, a different scramble is going on in neighboring, inclusive Illinois.

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Chicago’s more affordable rents may be one factor as it adds jobs to the tech sector at a faster rate than California’s Silicon Valley.

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