Haunted Illinois

Numerous tales of spirits and unexplained phenomena have been recorded in various locations across Illinois. To find out ourselves if some of these tales were true, we visited three places said to be haunted.

Old Union Cemetery - DeWitt County 

Old Union Cemetery is the final resting place for a number of members of Union Christian Church, which was located on the grounds of the cemetery until a 1931 fire destroyed the building.

Cemetery workers were some of the first to experience unexplained phenomena, including seeing glowing balls of light. Reports of 40 degree drops in temperature and dramatic changes in the electromagnetic field have also been made. Most of the activity in the cemetery is centered around a once-gated grave near the tree line.

McPike Mansion - Alton 

McPike Mansion, located in Alton, was built in 1869. The mansion was home to a number of families throughout the years. It has been said that some of its inhabitants never left. Silhouettes of figures in upper story windows, thought to be those of owner Paul Laichinger, have been well documented. Unexplained orbs of light and drafts of extremely cold air have also been felt by many.

The home is in the process of being restored to its original grandeur. Current owners Sharyn and George Luedke have plans to make the upper floors of the building a bed and breakfast.

Resurrection Mary - Justice 

Resurrection Cemetery, located in Chicago’s southwest suburbs, is home to one of the state’s most famous spirits – Resurrection Mary.

The story goes that a woman, after having a disagreement with her boyfriend, began walking down Archer Avenue and was struck and killed by a passing vehicle. The spirit of this woman is said to be seen on the side of the road asking for a ride home. When she is picked up, she often vanishes shortly after passing the cemetery.

Many accounts say she has been seen walking the cemetery after dark. It was even reported her handprints had been found on the front gate.