Bachelor's grove

It is rumored to have been the most scandalous dumping ground for Chicago’s organized crime families during the 1920’s and 30’s. However there has been no evidence proving these claims.

Legend has it that the cemetery got its name because only men were buried in the graveyard. However, the name actually came from a family who settled in the area. Over the years, the cemetery’s name has been changed several times.

The first thing many visitors notice about Bachelor’s Grove is the destruction. It is overgrown with weeds and gravestones have been moved or broken by grave robbers and vandals. It is now surrounded by a chain-link fence to keep out trespassers. The cemetery sign disappeared many years ago, and due to the rate of vandalism, police are often present at night.

One of the most famous sightings in Bachelor’s Grove is the large ghost house. Most visitors have described it the same way: a white, two-story Victorian farmhouse, with a soft light glowing from the inside. Some say it appears further away as you walk closer to it.

If you would like to check out the cemetery for yourself there are plenty of ghost hunts and tours that bring groups to explore the cemetery at night.