Old Sheet Music

Music in our schools day happens every year on March 6. Music is an important part of a well-rounded education. High school students who take part in music courses are more likely to have higher GPAs and attendance rates than students who do not participate in music education.

The arts are essential to a complete and competitive education for all students. Through the arts, students learn critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration and creative problem solving. Music education has also been linked to better emotional regularity and an increase in verbal memory.

Illinois’ public schools have a lot to offer on the music education front, and one of the ways to support music in schools is attending one of your local schools’ concerts. The Illinois Music Education Association is a big supporter of music in schools. They have yearly band, orchestra, jazz and choral performances where students from all high schools in Illinois come together for one performance. Another way they help encourage music in schools is by pairing music teachers with current job openings. Celebrate Music in our Schools day by supporting your local school music concert and events.