Golden Applechampion 4052955 1280 is a leading Illinois’ based nonprofit committed to recognizing outstanding educators across the state. Last year, Peoria local and principal of Charles A. Lindbergh Middle School, Susan Malahy was awarded the 2019 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Leadership.

The Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Leadership recognizes a performance in school leadership that creates a consistent and positive impact in the school where the award winner is based. Malahy was given the award for promoting a culture of acceptance and inclusion of all students and educators in the school.

Susan Malahy has been the principal of Charles A. Lindbergh Middle School for nearly six years now. She worked to increase professional development for teachers, which helped further connect with their students.

This award is even more significant because school leaders are not allowed to nominate themselves. Fellow educators, students, parents and local community members are the individuals responsible for nominating Malahy.

Malahy received an award of $10,000, with half going toward further professional development and the other half going toward a project of her choice within the school. Since her tenure began Malahy’s students and teachers have felt a significant culture change for the better, connecting students to their school and their teachers.