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Every year, U.S. News & World Report ranks the best online programs in the country. More than 1,600 programs were ranked in total, which encompass Bachelor’s programs as well as seven different fields of graduate programs, including nursing, computer information technology, criminal justice, education, business (non-MBA), MBA and engineering.

Today Illinois programs made impressive rankings in more ways than one. Out of 353 colleges, the University of Illinois-Chicago came in third for the best Bachelor’s program, moving up from fifth place last year.

In addition, Illinois was ranked number 1 in the graduate nursing category. Rush University, also located in Chicago, had the best ranking out of 183 colleges.

Bachelor’s programs are ranked on engagement, services and technologies, faculty credentials and training, and expert opinions of other academic officials. Graduate programs are ranked similarly, with additional consideration for student excellence. For more on how the programs are ranked, click here.  

Overall, online collegiate programs are becoming a prominent way to succeed in today’s America, as over 2 million Americans enrolled exclusively in online programs over the past few years. Kudos to Illinois for having some of the most distinguished options to choose from.