Illinois children's museum ranked among nation's bestEncouraging children to unplug and learn is a common goal among parents in Illinois and a museum is one of the best ways to do this. The Kohl Children’s Museum in Glenview, Illinois is rated among the nation’s best children’s museums by Reader’s Digest, Parents Magazine and The Early Childhood Education Zone.

At this museum they specialize in helping children ages 0-8 learn through self-directed complex play. Since 1985, the museum has focused on tapping into a child’s mind through all five senses, creating an environment where a love of learning is stimulated.

One of the reasons the Kohl is such a hit with both parents and children in Illinois is because of the large number of featured exhibits. With over twenty differently themed displays, the museum can hold the interest of any child for hours while also teaching important concepts in new and interactive ways.

A favorite for many visitors is the “Whole Foods Market” where kids are encouraged to pick produce, arrange flowers, restock shelves and buy foods, allowing them to role play while learning how to count, add, subtract and much more. Other areas include themes such as music, trains, decorating a house, a water zone and “Adventures in Art”, where activities change monthly. 

For a closer look into the Kohl Museum and how you can visit one of the nation’s best children’s museums right here in Illinois, visit their website.