bdayOctober has drawn to a close, and November is well on its way. However, before you start throwing out your candy corn for candy canes, let’s take a moment to celebrate the month of October and Illinois. Many birthdays of note from those born in Illinois occurred in October. History starts the moment we are born. The famous, historic, or otherwise distinguished figures who can track their birthplaces back to Illinois in October are as follows:


  • Hillary Clinton: Former First Lady and Secretary of State, born on Oct. 26, 1947 in Park Ridge
  • Derrick Rose: American basketball player, born on Oct. 4, 1988 in Chicago
  • Robert Reed: American director, born on Oct. 19, 1932 in Highland Park
  • CM Punk: American professional wrestler, born on Oct. 26, 1978 in Chicago
  • Craig Robinson: Actor from The Office, born on Oct. 25, 1971 in Chicago
  • Grace Slick: American musician, born on Oct. 30, 1939 in Highland Park
  • Pat Sajak: Host of Wheel of Fortune, born on Oct. 26, 1946 in Chicago
  • Michael Crichton: Author of Jurassic Park, born on Oct. 23 1942 in Chicago
  • Dan Castellaneta: Voice of Homer Simpson on The Simpsons, born on Oct. 29, 1957 in Oak Park