The Wall Street Journal and recently released the updated Housing Market Ranking with Rockford claiming the top spot as the number one real-estate market in the U.S. With a population of about 147,000 residents and a metro area of about 339,000, Rockford is a vibrant city sitting along the Rock River, featuring countless museum attractions, spaces to enjoy nature, iconic eateries and much more.

Rockford is among Illinois’ growing economies with various developing industries including health care, aerospace and logistics. Additionally, it is home to the Chicago Rockford International Airport, which is among the fastest growing cargo airports in the world and flies over 100,000 passengers to popular destinations each year.

Sitting 90 miles from Chicago and Milwaukee, Rockford has been a popular area to settle for new homebuyers searching for affordable homes while still being connected to large city life and active neighborhoods.

The Housing Market Ranking is based on the status of the real-estate market, economic health and quality of life in metro areas across the U.S. This ranking is a testament to Rockford’s thriving communities and progress.

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