Illinois seems to get a bad reputation for its tax burden on businesses. However, a recent report from the Anderson Economic Group LLC found that Illinois was ranked 27th for its tax burden on businesses. The tax burden is based on income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, unemployment compensation charges, license fees and other costs.

According to an article from Crain’s Chicago Business writer Greg Hinz, “Illinois is even in the middle of other Midwestern states, according to the report, which compares taxes to 'pretax operating surplus,' a federal measure of profitability. Illinois companies paid 9.8 percent of operating surplus taxes in 2012. That's above Indiana's 7.2 percent, Missouri's 7.7 percent, Ohio's 8.5 percent and Iowa's 8.9 percent, but tied with Michigan and below Minnesota's 10.1 percent and Wisconsin's 10.6 percent.”

With nearby states Michigan and Wisconsin having a higher ranking, it is not surprising that Illinois’ unemployment rate continues to go down. By looking at the bigger picture of each state’s tax burden, it is easy to see that Illinois’ business taxes are about average compared to the rest of the nation. Illinois should improve greatly in the rankings in 2015 when corporate income taxes are scheduled to be lower.

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