dec bdayDecember is winding down, and January and the New Year are fast approaching. However, before you take a break for the holiday season, let’s take a moment to celebrate the month of December and Illinois. Many birthdays of note from those born in Illinois occurred in December. History starts the moment we are born. The famous, historic, or otherwise distinguished figures who can track their birthplaces back to Illinois in December are as follows:

  • John Malkovich: American Actor, producer and director best known for his role in the movie Red, born on Dec. 9, 1953 in Christopher
  • Seth Myers: Comedian best known for his time on SNL’s Weekend Update, born on Dec. 28, 1973 in Evanston
  • Rickey Henderson: American baseball player for the Dodgers and Red Sox, born on Dec. 25, 1958 in Chicago
  • Daryl Hannah: Actress, screenwriter, and environmental activist best known for her role as Elle Driver in Kill Bill, born on Dec. 3, 1960 in Chicago