Parks and Recreation

Did you know that a comedian, producer and writer from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” was born and raised right here in our state? Nick Offerman, born in Joliet, turns 54 today. Offerman has also appeared in “The Last of Us,” “21 Jump Street” and was a voice actor in “The Lego Movie.”

One of Offerman’s many talents is woodworking. He’s a professional boat builder with a side business as a wood craftsman. He creates wooden structures such as canoes and boats and released an instructional DVD in 2008 called Fine Woodstrip Canoe Building. He has written four autobiographies and starred in the off-Broadway play, “Annapurna.”

Offerman’s brother, Matt Offerman, lives in the state. He is also an actor and occasionally appeared on “Parks and Recreation.” Currently, he manages at Iron and Glass, a brewery in Minooka, Illinois.

Join us in celebrating the birthday of this multi-talented actor!