If you’ve ever driven across Illinois, you know that the state is packed with farms. Though much of Illinois’ land is covered in corn and soybeans, it also produces an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables – primarily sold at farmers’ markets, and there may be one close to you.

Illinois has the third largest concentration of farmers’ markets in the United States. As an agricultural powerhouse, our state provides many opportunities for those in large- and small-scale agriculture to sell their goods and help provide consumers with the choices they demand.

During the past 20 years, the number of farmers’ markets nationwide has increased from 1,755 markets to more than 8,000 today. These direct-to-consumer markets help generate millions of dollars in economic activity, increasing opportunities for market participants as well as surrounding businesses.

Want to try Illinois’ home-grown produce but don’t like to cook? Don’t worry. The state also has a burgeoning farm-to-table restaurant scene that stretches from Springfield to the northern suburbs of Chicago. You can find some of your options on this list, though new restaurants are opening all the time in communities throughout the state.