FortSheridan.JPGLake County is home to a beautiful forest preserve bordering Lake Michigan with a unique history.  When renowned landscape designer O.C. Simonds came up with the plans for the Fort Sheridan army base in 1889, he met both the military’s needs while also making breathtaking views of Lake Michigan a priority. The site of the historic U.S. Army post (1887–1993) holds national significance for its landscape and architecture design, and for the preparation and training of American soldiers for military service. In 1982, Fort Sheridan was designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Secretary of the Interior. Fort Sheridan joins 2,540 sites across the country recognized as places that possess exceptional value and quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States. Currently, Ninety-four buildings at the Fort are designated National Historic Landmarks. The Fort was officially closed in 1993 and the land was transferred to the Lake County Forest Preserve.

A scenic destination, this forest preserve offers a variety of opportunities for recreation at the lakeshore. Fort Sheridan is one of only a few places in Lake County that offers free public access to Lake Michigan and an awe-inspiring lake overlook perched on a 70-foot-high bluff. Known for its pristine natural areas and excellent birdwatching, Fort Sheridan is home to several rare species not found elsewhere in the region. The preserve's savanna, ravines and lakefront location allow visitors to observe one of North America’s busiest flyways for migratory birds. At least 236 species of birds have been seen here.

Fort Sheridan has almost four miles of trails. Three paved trails are available for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing. For more information on the trails at Fort Sheridan, visit