Did you know that today is National Caramel Day? If you want to celebrate, check out one of these locally owned shops in Illinois.

Flesor’s Candy Kitchen in Tuscola

Flesor’s Candy Kitchen is a classic example of the American Dream. Gus Flesor bought the building and opened his own confectionary in 1901, after emigrating from Greece. Success in the business allowed him to bring two of his brothers to Tuscola. Gus Flesor is known for their delicious caramels that you can buy wrapped or homemade hand-dipped. All their candy is made by hand with no preservatives. 

Anderson’s Candy Shop in Richmond

Family-owned and operated since 1919, Anderson’s Candy Shop in Richmond has deep roots in the community. The shop takes pride in the old-fashioned methods they have continued to use. They offer delicious caramels that can be wrapped in paper the old-fashioned way or covered in chocolate. They have a variety of caramel treats to choose from and also have a new gourmet salted-caramel chocolate piece.

Katherine Anne Confections in Chicago

Katherine Anne Confections is a boutique candy store that uses local ingredients and has been open since 2006. Although all their treats are delicious, they are well known for their soft honey caramels. They make a variety of different caramels, including a Salted Bacon Caramel.

Sweet’s in Lake Forest

Sweet’s opened in 1982 and was an immediate hit. Not only is Sweet’s popular in their  community, they also ship their treats to all 50 states. Their caramels are made with heavy whipping cream and pure butter, making them taste fresh with every bite.

Pease’s in Springfield

Pease's is a family-owned candy store that has been a part of Springfield for decades. Today, the delightful treats are still made using the original recipes. Pease’s provides customers with plenty of options when choosing from their caramel selection. You can choose from the caramels that are individually wrapped or dipped in different chocolate coverings.

Maurie’s Fine Candies in Pekin

Maurie’s Fine Candies has been a staple for the small community of Pekin since 1941. Maurie’s has recently opened up a gourmet coffee, café and ice cream shop. When you first walk in, you will be greeted with the sweet smell of their homemade candies, caramels and fudge. Their caramel is made in-store and used with their sweet caramel apples, turtles and other candies.