MADE IN ILLINOISBonn Bonn Baby, a company based out of Barrington, Illinois, specializes in eco-friendly, antimicrobial, moisture wicking baby clothing designed to keep your baby dry, fresh and comfortable. Their unique line of clothing is made in Illinois, and it is the only company that specializes in this type of product.  They make a full line of swaddling blankets, sheets, bibs, bodysuits, burping cloths, and recently added custom screen printed onesies.

This week, I Like Illinois had the chance to interview owner and founder of the company, Mindy McKegney.  

ILI: Can you tell us about the successes of your business, and why you think you have had such great success?

McKegney: I went to school for fashion and business, and I got my start after my daughter was born. When my daughter was born, I decided to create a clothing line that would keep her dry. I researched different clothing and fabrics that would fill the niche in the market, and I found a company that could make the special type of fabric. From there, I was able to create my line. New Elephant Bodysuit a5582b37 0a52 4009 b548 0676cab61239 large

ILI: How has being located in Illinois contributed to the success of your business? 

McKegney:  When we first opened, the success came quickly because it was a new concept and a great thing for the children’s industry. There wasn’t, and still isn’t, anything like it. Then the economy crashed, which was okay because it gave us a chance to get our bearings and plan a little more. After that, we started growing again. Now we are growing at a very nice pace.

ILI: As a local company, what impact does your business have on your local community?

Onesies b131ed38 6bfd 4e25 87c9 c6b7024a13b0 largeMcKegney:  I live in a really strong community of moms, so the word about my product gets out like that. Additionally, the boutiques in Illinois and Chicago really enjoy selling our products because they like featuring Illinois- and American-made products in their shops.

ILI: Is there anything else you would like to tell me about Bonn Bonn Baby?

McKegney: I love our company because it takes care of the health and well-being of children, while also helping moms and dads. It helps with the environment because we don’t use heavy metals. I love that we are made in Illinois. I love being able to make stuff in the U.S. and bringing jobs to the community.

We have great quality products, and we have more autonomy over our products by being located here. We just recently came out with our screen-printed shirts to add some variety to the plain white clothing. We do our screen printing in house, but I am going to start having one of our manufactures do it because we are growing so much.

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