Jung Food Network pixJulianna Jung, a home baker from Champaign, has been selected to compete in the Holiday Baking Championship on the Food Network.

The first episode of the show aired last Monday, months after taping. Jung was surprised how calm she seemed during the episode, because she recalls how frantic she felt on the inside.

“I was so nervous because I don’t know the ingredients that we have there, I don’t know the oven, how does it work, what are the precautions we have to take we have to take so we’re COVID-safe,” Jung said.

Jung’s baking story started in Seattle. One night she decided to make cupcakes, and the project left her hungry for more! From there, Jung became an avid baker and spent time traveling and taking master classes around the world, learning from extraordinary bakers.

Jung received a message on Instagram from a producer of the show, and then was put through a series of interviews before being invited to California for filming over the summer.

Jung made it through the first round and is on her way to the $25,000 grand prize. Meet Jung and the other bakers here, and tune in to Food Network Monday nights at 7 p.m. to cheer her on.