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When it comes to leading in clean energy, Illinois has countless examples of new and exciting companies dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint – including Rivian in Normal and Lion Electric in Channahon.

The transition to electric vehicles has been a long process in the making. Illinois has been dedicated toward the evolution of electric vehicles through the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act to oversee the phase-out of fossil fuel-fired electrical generation units since late 2021.

 Rivian, which has a plant located in Normal, creates a variety of different electric vehicle models to expand the electric fleet across the state and beyond. This includes a 7-seat SUV, off-road truck, and more. Interestingly, it uses 100% animal-free materials for the interiors of their cars and the dunnage containers at their plant are reusable and made from ocean-bound plastics.

Normal is Rivian’s first manufacturing campus where they are building their SUV products and commercial vans and currently employs over 4,400 people.

In addition to electric vehicles, companies like Lion Electric in Channahon are creating electric school buses and a variety of semi-trucks -- some of the biggest emission polluters.

Their LIONC model is the only purpose-built, all-electric school bus manufactured in North America and fits up to 77 passengers and has a range of 155 miles per charge. Additionally, their LION5 semi-truck model can go 275 miles on a 1.5 hour charge.

Originally from Canada, the electric bus and truck manufacturer invested over $70 million in its first manufacturing facility outside of Canada in Channahon in May 2021. The 900,000 square foot facility will produce 20,000 vehicles per year once fully operational and employ upwards of 745 Illinoisans.

Illinois has a promising future in clean energy and electric vehicles and has been a Midwest leader in the transition away from fossil fuels to a cleaner future. For a list of additional electric vehicle companies dedicated towards innovation in clean energy visit here.