Chicago River

Illinois is a state that embodies innovation, craft, surprise and creativity, so it is no surprise that 2.16 million international travelers visited the state in 2023. This boosted the Illinois economy by nearly $2.7 billion, a 47% increase from the previous year.

In 2023, Illinois welcomed visitors from Canada, Mexico, India, the UK, Germany and many other countries. This vast increase in international tourism shows a growing global appeal of Illinois. 

Illinois is full of attractions. The state boasts beautiful state parks including Matthiessen, Garden of the Gods and Starved Rock, attractions such as  Henson Robinson Zoo, Grady’s Park and Sea Lion Aquatic Park, and museums like the Art Institute of Chicago, The Schweikher House and Curiosity Museum.

The state’s Office of Tourism attributes this growth to strategic marketing initiatives, enhanced partnerships and a wide array of unique attractions and experiences that appeal to international travelers.

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