Machinist at WorkIllinois is the second in the nation in employment of machinist. Machinists are tradespeople that create precise parts from machining tools. Machinists are tasked with creating, repairing, or modifying objects that are usually made of metal.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Illinois employs over 28,000 machinists, the only state that employees more is California. Illinois takes the lead in employment of machinists by area with Chicago, Naperville and Elgin having over 19,000 employees in the field. Rockford has the highest level of concentration of machinist jobs in the U.S.

Although they generally work with metals, they sometimes work with woods, glass, and plastics. When small parts are needed, machinists will manually set up the machine to make those pieces. For larger scale pieces Computer Numerically Controlled – or CNC – is used. CNC is equipment that is run by computers that cuts and shapes down metals to a desired size. While these pieces are being created the machinists pays close attention to it to make sure the machine is operating as expected. Once these pieces are cut down, they are inspected by engineers.

There are a variety of different types of machinists. There are machinists –known as production machinists – who specialize in a specific part. This machinist will produce large quantities of the same objects. Another common machinist is the automotive machinist, who operates on cars.

To become a machinist, one must have a high school diploma or GED. Once this is acquired, a person can learn how to be a machinist from a program through a trade school, apprenticeship, community college, or by getting an associate’s degree for it.

Machinists are essential workers who help people get the exact piece of equipment they need. Illinois is doing at a wonderful job at employing machinist and utilizing their services.