April 14 is Garden Day, and there are so many gardens to either be a part of or explore throughout Illinois. Garden Day can be celebrated by planting the state flower, the common blue violet, starting your own garden at home, or visiting your local gardens.

In celebration, here are some places to visit across the state:

Motherland Gardens: Springfield

Started by a local agriculture student, Yves Doumen, the Motherland Gardens is home to many different types of produce that are then donated to local food pantries. Doumen’s passion for locally grown food inspired him to the start this project, and has quickly become a community favorite.

Ironwood Park Community Garden: Normal

The Ironwood Park Community Garden is a space where anyone in the community can come and grown their own produce, especially if they do not have their own space for it. Here, residents can grow organic produce year after year for only a small fee.

Quad City Botanical Center: Rock Island

At the Quad City Botanical Center, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You are able to stroll their indoor and outdoor spaces and see all the different flora they have bloomed. From their different exhibits including garden glass and plants from around the world, there is so much there to see.

Mandala Gardens: Marion

Explore different pathways lined with different gardens to enjoy, or take a break and one of their many quiet sitting spots. Started in 2010, there have been many additions of green houses, stone bridges, ponds, and stone structures for the community to enjoy. The Mandala Gardens has a number of activities for every age group to enjoy, such as exploring their labyrinths, nature walks, hiking, gardens and more.

Chicago Botanic Garden: Chicago

The Chicago Botanic Garden is home to 27 gardens across 385 acres, and has so much to explore. With many different exhibitions to see, paths to walk, and featured blooms of the month, there is something for everyone! Along with their gardens, they have art galleries to explore, bingo for children to play throughout their visit, and trams to take visitors to and from different destinations